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5 Strategies Smart Companies Should Employ During A Hiring Freeze

The COVID-19 emergency has thrown the global economy into a time of marked uncertainty. From designing a robust employer brand to building a purpose-led EVP to seizing the opportunity to better understand your employees and candidates, there are a number of impactful strategies that your company can employ during a hiring freeze.

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Rethink your Brand for Better Talent Acquisition

Check out Bryan and Charlotte's feature article in SHRM Executive Network, HR People + Strategy. If you want to succeed, you need the right people, and in every business around the world, the cost of recruiting great talent is going up.

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The Invisible, Intangible Business Superpower That Almost Never Gets Used To Differentiate

Traditionally, companies have always shown, “this is us, this is what we’re really good at!”’ it's always the high notes and they just talk about the best bits. Well, candidates want to know what it’s REALLY like in there. That’s the question they want answering, the brand should and needs to give the harsh realities- if you can’t thrive here that’s okay, let’s remain friends.

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Never Waste A Crisis: Why COVID-19 Is A Golden Opportunity To Galvanize Your Culture

At a time of crisis, your EVP should serve as a tool to galvanize culture and communicate the truth of a situation, both positive and negative. Because when you’re totally honest about your true proposition, then it’s game, set and culture match.

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A Lesson From This Hollywood Icon Could Help You Nail Your Employer Brand Headline

If you’ve ever tried to craft an EVP, then you know that the headline, or ‘employer brand essence’, is a key component in driving emotion and piquing curiosity with candidates and employees.

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How HR and talent organizations are collaborating to help restart the economy

Named in this Forbes' article, written by Sanyin Siang as one of the companies who are helping organizations re-build their workforce and restart the economy.

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