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Ideas in the Wild: How Charlotte Marshall and Bryan Adams Are Redefining the Employer Brand

The most effective employer brands don’t attract candidates; they repel them. In this Business 2 Community feature, Zach Obront, interviews Bryan and Charlotte on their new book, why they wrote it and how they knew they had to share their approach to employer brand with the world.

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8 Books to Help You Grow During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Give & Get Employer Branding listed in this Entrepreneur article as one of the 8 books to lend new (and needed) perspectives.

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EVP Lessons From Hollywood: Why Segmenting Our Talent Audiences Is Essential

People are inexplicably drawn to authenticity and truth. It’s endearing when people use self-deprecating humor. It’s refreshing when someone admits a weakness. It’s compelling when a colleague asks…

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A Good Employee Value Proposition Attracts Talent, but a Great One Repels It

Check out this article in Medium adapted from the Give & Get Employer Branding book.

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Why Repelling Talent Is the Best Employer Brand Strategy

For The Muse, Kayla Ellman interviews Charlotte Marshall on her career progression into the world of employer brand, they delve right into the success of developing and activating over 5 employer brands and how storytelling was a key part of her impactful results.

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Why your job preview stories should be influenced by horror movies (And how to put the lesson into practice)

The interesting thing about horror movies, unlike every other movie genre, is that the idea of good vs evil or right vs wrong is totally irrelevant. The primary reason people are compelled to watch…

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