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What’s The One Thing Businesses Should Ask Their People But Almost Never Do?

The right thinking and poor execution will never uncover the real learnings you seek. Instead, we need to take a step back and truly contemplate what motivates people to succeed.

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3 Undeniably Tough Lessons From COVID-19 That Every Business Leader Will Remember

As the currents of social change continue to play out in our daily lives, one thing is for certain: nothing will ever be the same. Change can be a good thing, but only if you know how to apply the right lessons to your business.

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The 3 Employer Branding Variables Needed to Solve for Happiness at Work

Check Charlotte's latest blog on why you need to tackle employees' sense of belonging, purpose and impact to solve their happiness.

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3 Ways To Strengthen Your Employer Brand To Combat High Turnover Roles

Every time someone leaves a company, thousands need to be spent finding a suitable replacement. That individual then needs to have proper training and onboarding to make sure they’re well equipped for the job. This puts a strain on the existing workforce who have to spend time bringing new talent up to speed, which means they can’t focus on the important tasks at hand.

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Distance Makes The Team Grow Stronger: Why Working From Home Is Creating New Bonds That Will Never Be Broken

This situation has shown first-hand the importance of building a strong employer brand. When uncertainty abounds, the organizations that have taken the time to craft and design their culture will reap the rewards

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Is Your EVP as Good as the French Musketeers’?

Using the Give and Get philosophy, Charlotte writes about how The Three Musketeers' could have a better EVP than yours! The infamous phrase, “All for One and One for All.” could serve you well.

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