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Employer Branding Is Closer To Online Dating Than Online Selling

In the world of talent acquisition, employer branding is now ubiquitous across industries, sectors and geographies. And for good reason, too. But what if I told you that the traditional approach to employer brand and EVP is inherently flawed?

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Why Storytelling Is So Important to Your Employer Brand

When you use storytelling in your employer brand—to tell your employees’ stories of challenges and triumphs—you give candidates the chance to feel and experience what it’s like to work for your company. The real experience.

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Why Thinking Like A Jedi Can Help You Design A Purpose-Built EVP

Today, storytelling has risen through the ranks of marketing, communications and talent acquisition. We’re all just searching for purpose and meaning.

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These Storytelling Secrets Could Be The Key To Unlocking Your Employer Brand

There’s no denying that “storytelling” has become a bit of a buzz word in recent years. We’ve seen this label rise through the ranks of populous marketing, communications and employer branding. But…

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Employer Branding During a Pandemic

In a crisis, you can’t hide behind what you say you do; you are judged by what you actually do.

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The Critical Question Every Candidate Wants to Answer: Do I Have What It Takes?

We are driven by both external and internal motivations. Most employers leverage external motivations to attract job candidates.

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